mediation is progressing in Farabougou, where government involvement is required


Fifteenth day of siege in Farabougou: this Malian site in the Ségou region is still surrounded by jihadist warriors banning entry. For the second time, on Tuesday 20 October, the Malian army took food in the village. Mediation is underway, led by notables from the area, but more and more voices are rising in the country to demand greater involvement of the authorities.

“We are now trying to organize a direct meeting,” explains a member of the mediation team working to lift the siege of Farabougou. In recent days, two envoys have met the jihadist attackers who attacked the village two weeks ago and have since subjected it to a blockade.

These gunmen, who claim to be jihadists and allegedly killed six villagers before kidnapping nine others, accuse the residents of Farabougou of themselves being involved in the murder of several members of the Fulani community. Latest: a young shepherd found dead in his field earlier this month.

Optimists …

The two sent mediators apologized to the families of the Fulani victims, who after a period of reflection accepted them. “The positions have been brought closer and contacts facilitated through mediators. It is now a matter of Farabougou representatives meeting directly, face to face, the jihadists,” explains a source within the mediation team.

“It’s too slow and it does not satisfy us, but we are optimistic,” adds this source, pointing out that the blockade continues, but due to ongoing mediation and the intense commitment of the people involved. violence has ceased.

Meanwhile, by press release or on social networks, whether they are ordinary citizens or political figures – we can quote former Prime Minister Moussa Mara or former Ministers Mountaga Tall and Cheick Oumar Sissoko – many are concerned about the situation in Farabougou. Some even strongly call for more involvement from the new state authorities.

Terrorist embargo against the village of Farabougou in the circle of Nionos: a challenge for the state authority!

I ask the leaders of the country not to let this situation continue by leaving only the management of this case to civil society organizations.

Moussa mara (@ Moussamara01) October 16, 2020

The army present in the area

Since the siege of this site began, no government communication has been made on the subject, and it is to local notables – mayors, traditional leaders, communities or religious leaders – that the mediation effort is entrusted.

A member of this “cell” expresses his satisfaction with the room for maneuver left to them and emphasizes the support of the government or the prefecture. But he also regrets that no minister has come to inquire about the situation on earth, which he said “would comfort the people.”

For the second time on Tuesday, the Malian army sent air food on Farabougou, and Malian soldiers are visible in the area. “Their presence is reassuring,” said a mayor involved in the mediation team, several members of whom continue to hamper their opposition to any military offensive for fear of setting the area on fire, saying they are confident of the outcome of the mediation in Classes.


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