Muhammadu Buhari comes out of his silence


Nigerian President Muhamadou Buhari ended up speaking this Thursday, October 22, about the crisis that is taking hold in his country. However, he did not say anything about the repression of the protest.

as reported from Abuja

Muhammadu Buhari said he heard the legitimate concerns of the Nigerian people over excessive use of force by some police members. The head of state lamented that his long silence over the last few days could be interpreted as “a sign of weakness” on his part.

He condemned the violence that has erupted in recent days in several cities across the country. Human lives have been lost, sexual assaults have been committed, two major prisons have been attacked, prisoners have been released, looting has taken place, Muhammadu Buhari said. He also recalled that the SARS police unit hated the protesters has been dissolved and that reforms have been launched to meet the demands of young people.

Not a word about oppression

However, he did not say a word about the violent repression carried out by the security forces against the protest movement. No apology or even allusion to the intervention of the army against the protesters gathered peacefully in Lagos on Tuesday night. It is therefore difficult to believe that this speech by the head of state will succeed in reassuring the escalation of violence.

This Thursday was also still very tense in Lagos and throughout the country. Angry gangs were still present in the streets of megalopolis, where entire neighborhoods were fired. This Thursday, the thugs particularly attacked the Ikoyi prison in the heart of a wealthy district in the city. Authorities announced tonight that no detainees had fled. They said fire stations, ambulances, banks and 100 buses have been fired in recent days.

Police stations were also attacked on Thursday in Ibadan, where two police officers were burned alive, according to information reported by the Nigerian press.


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