new demonstration day against the cost of living


After already hitting the sidewalk in early August, hundreds of young Ghanaians took to the streets again on Tuesday, National Day, with the same slogan: “Straighten the country.”

Hundreds of young Ghanaians, angry at the high cost of living, marched through the western city of Takoradi under the hashtag “Fix the country” to demand social and economic reforms. This social movement was born in May last year, which requires better governance, wants to establish itself over time, despite declining mobilization.

Fewer than the 20,000 protesters on August 4 in Accra, but just as firmly, on Tuesday, protesters condemned the increase in fuel prices, at the beginning of the social movement. But they also chanted more political slogans and demanded a change of regime.

Political recovery “We will not stop until we succeed in amending the 1992 Constitution in order to have a more democratic and fair one. Remember that it was Jerry Rawlings, the founder of the NDC, the opposition party, who adopted this fraudulent constitution that created an oppressive system in Ghana. Any accusation that our movement is being taken over by the NDC is false, explains Hardi Yakubu, an activist in the NGO Freedom Fighters League, who is appealing for a new constitution.

The recovery fees were launched last month by the ruling party. And in response to the “Fix the Country” movement, the presidential camp in Nana Akufo-Addo has created its own version: “Fixing the Country”. A nuance that means that the president is correcting the country.


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