opponent Joël Aïvo appears in front of Criet


This Monday, October 11, the Court’s Committee of Inquiry into the Suppression of Economic Crimes interrogated its opponent and constitutionalist Joël Aïvo. Professor Aïvo, arrested and detained since April 16, is charged with “breach of security and money laundering”. The professor and the opponent were interrogated behind closed doors for more than 4 hours in the presence of their lawyers.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

Three magistrate instructors interviewed Joël Aïvo, who in particular faced a series of questions about the origins of the funds for his political activities and his campaign. He pointed out that it was the activists who offered apatames, chairs and snacks during his tour of Benin that he organized and called “circumventing dialogue”.

Second part of the debate: allegations of security breaches. The opponent would have pointed out to the President of the Commission that he is a constitutionalist and that he teaches students every day that power is conquered at the ballot box and never with weapons. “We can therefore conclude that I am an anti-putschist,” he would have explained.

To sum up the day, a relative reports that the professor has been constant and that he does not recognize himself at all in the facts for which he is accused. Joël Aïvo was taken back to custody. There is no announcement about the sequel. According to our information, his lawyers are considering a request for a temporary release in their strategy.

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