radar and cameras against traffic offenses in


Faced with traffic accidents in the Ivory Coast, the authorities are tightening their grip. As of this Tuesday, September 7, they are distributing their deadly weapon: video verbalization.

as reported from Abidjan, Pierre Pinto

Dozens of radar cameras, in addition to the hundreds of cameras already found throughout Abidjan, will track down perpetrators and report violations via SMS. The fined driver must then pay the fine online or in cash at places designated for this purpose. After an awareness phase of a few months, it’s time for repression.

In 2018, the government experimented with video verbalization by monitoring fourteen control points. In three months, 2 million violations were recorded.

Globally in Côte d’Ivoire, at least 1,200 people lose their lives on the roads every year, according to official statistics, 41% of them in the Abidjan district alone. Last year, 13,000 accidents were registered. 21,000 people were injured.

Facing these figures, which are also rising sharply, the government has responded and has worked for three years to set up an “intelligent transport system”, ie a network of radar and cameras with computerized crime treatment.

“At the moment we have about – as far as we, the Ministry of Transport – 140 radars and cameras installed in Abidjan, explains Amadou Koné, Minister of Transport. We will increase to 200 from here. December. I would also like to state that the Ministry of Security has more than a thousand cameras in the city Abidjan who can also perform the work performed by the cameras we have installed ”.

Here, as elsewhere, the authorities take care of the message effect to arouse fear of the radar rather than of the gendarme or the police. No radar receives bribes, explains Diomande Vagondo, Minister of the Interior and Security: “It is a camera that records, which records what you have done, the mistake you have made and who you are doing. Then sent via SMS with the consequent fine. At what level does the police intervene? He is hardly intervening. “

There will be no return and the system will soon apply throughout the country, the government assures.


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