Recep Tayyip Erdoğan travels to the African continent,


This Sunday, October 17, the Turkish President will begin a visit to the African continent, which will last until Wednesday. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is expected in Angola today. He will then go to Nigeria, then to Togo.

For Jean Marcou, the holder of the chair on the Mediterranean in the Middle East at Sciences Po Grenoble, the tours regularly conducted in Africa by the president or senior Turkish officials show the place of the African continent in Turkey’s foreign policy.

“Annual visits” According to this specialist in Turkey, “it has indeed been for ten years, we see, almost annual visits by the Turkish head of state or high-level officials to Africa. even for military reasons today. “

A “new stage” “What is quite interesting,” continues Mr Marcou, is that Turkey’s foreign policy in Africa has first turned to the East and to Muslim countries, while we have now observed for several years that the West has been the subject of all Turkey’s attention. including countries that are not predominantly Muslim, and there are three countries [Angola, Nigeria, Togo] which have different historical links. So this tour also shows a new stage in the dimension of Turkey’s foreign policy in Africa ”.

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