scandal after the broadcast on TV of a sequence on


A television program, which aired on Monday, August 30, caused a real stir, especially on social networks. In NCI’s “TV from here on vacation”, a talk show with a usually light tone, host Yves de Mbella received as a guest a man who was presented as a “remorseful rapist” and made him do a “demonstration” of rape on a mannequin.

as reported from Abidjan, Pierre Pinto

“Can you show us how you did your rapes?” Said host Yves de Mbella. On the set, the man who is presented as a remorseful rapist is asked to climb on a platform and to simulate an assault and a rape on a mannequin. The man does this during applause and comments from the host: “Follow me (applause). How to do it, how do you do it, do you attack it from the front or from behind? Go, show us how you felt. “

Mimed Aggression The remorseful rapist then mimics the aggression: “Often, as soon as we arrive, we grab the neck, but we must not let ourselves …”. The host continues: “But it can excite him!” “Yes, it can turn him on. We will release it “, the man adds. “Are you touching his penis?” Yves de Mbella asks while the man opposite answers him: “yes”.

The indignation has continued to grow since the broadcast of this sequence. “I strongly condemn these heinous acts and these comments from the guest and the host,” responded the Minister for Women, Nassénéba Touré.

For his part, Denéo Gouehe calls on Gnonsian Désirée, Secretary-General of the Ivorian League for Women’s Rights (LIDF), to impose sanctions: “I was shocked as more than one. I do not know if this is a drone hunt, I do not know. But honestly, I do not have a word to qualify it. But I think it’s completely out of place. We hope that the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication, at least for once in Côte d’Ivoire, will be able to speak out and strongly condemn acts that are directly outrageous and degrading to Ivorian women. ”

Journalists distance themselves from each other Journalists from the channel distanced themselves from the comments from the host. A host who was turned off, his show stopped three days before the planned end. The channel has apologized.


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