Senegalese rappers mobilize and create


While several days of demonstrations and violence have left at least 5 official deaths and 11, according to the Senegalese opposition, the artists mobilized with the composition of songs and engaging clips.

The new clip from famed rapper Dip Doundou Guiss, used for millions of views, begins with images of police shooting tear gas canisters under tears from a woman. “The hardest part is watching our young people die,” the Wolof rapper begins. “It is a message that is addressed directly to the authorities and to the young people,” he explains. I have tried to condemn everything that is currently happening in this country. As an artist and megaphone followed by young people, I found it necessary to raise my voice in the face of this situation. ”

Another rapper Hakill released one of the tracks from his upcoming album earlier than expected: a song about inactive youth, lack of justice and poor governance.

“Rap has always been there to talk about the diseases of society”

After demonstrating himself in recent days in Dakar, he shot his video clip in the streets strewn with stones and blocked by burnt tires: “The current events have a connection to politics, but the true significance of this uprising. It’s generally tired! Rap has always been there to talk about the evil in society. “

Other artists such as Didier Awadi from the group Positive Black Soul have also released songs that sing about the difficulties of the Senegalese youth.

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