[Série] Guinea: will biometric identification assist the nation’s economic system?


Continuation of our collection dedicated to the Guinean economic system through the October 18 presidential election. The nation has determined to accumulate biometric identification. Particularly, the previous inflexible paper identification card, which might be simply solid, can be changed by a brand new card containing the biometric info of people. An actual revolution in a rustic the place the dearth of dependable civil standing is the reason for many issues and disabilities for the event of the economic system.

Utilizing an ultraviolet lamp, Commissioner Mamadouba Camara brings out a watermark via the beginning certificates. He leads the biometric ID card venture. “It’s your own security first, it makes sure it’s you, it makes sure your personal data is in a chip with your fingerprints. And we took face recognition a step further.”

Goal: to digitize civil standing with a novel quantity for every guinea, particularly to make the journey simpler. “Computer scientists copied and pasted, and some internationally. “

Worth on the cardboard: 100,000 guinea francs or approx. $ 10, a value for a lot of customers. Usually extra accustomed to paying the equal of fifty cts for lack of identification at roadblocks. “For 55,000 Guinean francs and continue to be blackmailed because you have been arrested … Before I arrive where I am traveling, I have already finished paying the 10,000 Guinean francs.” Earlier than, it was mentioned that there have been even cops fabricating pretend papers. “With this new situation, it is impossible. “

Not postponement by retirement, exclaims a younger official, supplied the case information are centralized and appropriate with one another, an observer qualifies.

A dependable civil standing would additionally make it doable to resolve the electoral register, an everlasting bone of political disagreement and, specifically, to implement viable public insurance policies, in accordance with Mamoudzou Touré, economist: “Public policies are built for the people. When we have no idea about this population, the question of the effectiveness of public policies arises. This card facilitates the movement of people and goods in the integrated space of ECOWAS. ”

And subsequently the creation of wealth. “From 31 December 2020, you will have problems if you do not have the new card,” the commissioner warns.


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