Simone Gbagbo moved to a secondary role in the new


In Ivory Coast, supporters of Laurent Gbagbo are organizing for the creation of the new party for the former president during a congress in October. Two missions are created to prepare for the congress. While the top pro-Gbagbo leaders all have a prominent position, Simone Gbagbo is being moved to a secondary role.

as reported from Abidjan,Pierre Pinto

Simone Ehivet Gbagbo did not appreciate reading her name in a list she says she discovered on social networks. The VPI-GOR vice president is appointed a member of an “expanded think tank” comprising nearly a hundred pro-Gbagbo executives.

The previous press strain, from whichformer head of state wants to divorce, is therefore not part of the Coordinating Committee composed of Laurent Gbagbo’s Chief of Staff, Emmanuel Ackah, Assoa Adou, Secretary General of the FPI-GOR, Sébastien Dano Djédjéqui will chair the Congress, Hubert Oulaye, Chairman of the Group Members of Parliament EDS or Jean-Baptiste Gnaé.

The contraceptive pill is difficult to pass. Simone Gbagbo does not appear in the commission responsible for drafting the party manifesto led by Laurent Akounni in the committee responsible for drafting the statutes, finding the name and proposing an acronym for the new formation.

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And the pill struggles to pass for the activist from the beginning, who was touched on in a statement released Tuesday night, where she said she was not called to any meeting or was not consulted about the creation of this new party. “I am surprised that my name circulates as a member of a major think tank without even having heard it in advance. I am reluctant to be associated with this type of initiative because I deserve a minimum of respect and consideration “, writes the co-founder of FPI.


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