still in question, President Alpha Condé is calling for reconciliation


President Alpha Condé called on the Guineans for reconciliation and dialogue after more than a year of deadly protest, during his inaugural address on Tuesday, December 15, before an audience of African heads of state for a third term qualified as “d” shameful of his main opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo Alpha Condé, 82, begins a third period that is questioned by his opponents.

as reported from Conakry, Mouctar Bah

Tuesday, December 15, was placed under high security, due to the Alpha Condés oath, re-elected for a third term as President of the Republic of Guinea on October 18. 3000 agents were mobilized in the city center and on the outskirts of Conakry, the capital, there spoke the head of state.

Mohamed Lamine Bangoura, President of the Constitutional Court, called on Guinean opponents to work for peace: that it is also with them that Guinea, our Guinea, their Guinea will be built slowly but surely. This is the whole point of our call for political and social dialogue. ”

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His convincing speech does not convince Cellou Dalein Diallo

For his new mandate, Alpha Condé has set itself the goal of strengthening social unity and social cohesion. “My commitment is to continue working for all with the goal of creating national unity and social cohesion. I am president of all Guineans, in the service of all Guineans. In the realization of our common ideal, no one will be forgotten. No part of the country will be excluded. Every Guinean will have its place. ”

During his inaugural address, Alpha Condé urged those who challenge him to “forget the past that is different from a future of unity and hope.” But Cellou Dalein Diallo, the main opponent and failed presidential candidate for the third time in a row, is not ready to take this outstretched hand. He sees this call as “a hoax”, as he entrusted Jeanne Richard: “We must see the actions he has taken in recent weeks. He not only kidnapped me for ten days. So far, my office and my party’s headquarters have been occupied by the army but “A court decision because it was his wish. When people say he’s stretching, I can not believe it.”

“Today’s event is another coup, neither legal nor legitimate”

Cellou Dalein Diallo, President of the Union of Democratic Forces in Guinea and Opponent of President Alpha Condé


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