the climate remains tense before the preliminary results are announced


In Guinea, the Electoral Commission on Wednesday night announced new partial results for Sunday’s presidential election. Preliminary results at the national level are not yet known for this election, which has been followed by violence in Conakry and other cities in the country in recent days.

With our special correspondent in Conakry, Charlotte idrac

This Thursday, October 22, a meeting took place between the Guinean government and the diplomatic corps a few hours before the announcement of the preliminary results.

A closed door meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the end of which the diplomatic leader recalled that ECOWAS observers had welcomed the smooth implementation of the vote. According to the Minister, this is statement by Cellou Dalein Dialloproclaims its victory, which is the source of all violence in these last days.

The opposition party UFDG published its own results on Wednesday, explaining that it had collected more than 84% of the electoral lists’ reports thanks to a system with both SMS, minute scanning and a call center. The Secretary of State is talking about this software falling from the sky and announcing possible lawsuits.

This Thursday, the UFDG party’s headquarters in Conakry were still under surveillance closed by a chain and a padlock. Cellou Dalein Diallo condemns “a muscular police raid” at the headquarters of his party on Wednesday night.

Unavailable areas, filtered records …

In the morning in Conakry, an important unit of the mobile gendarmerie was visible at the Hamdallaye roundabout and at the junction at the entrance to this famous road, Le Prince. This is the axis on which the demonstrations have been concentrated in recent days. Many residents in certain neighborhoods of Cosa, Bambeto, Sonfonia claim to be stranded in their homes and explain that they cannot go out.

Several areas are inaccessible. Most shops are closed in the Hamdallaye district as far as the center of Kaloum, where entrances are filtered by the defense and security forces.

Tense atmosphere before Ceni announced these full preliminary results of the election. Currently, the Electoral Commission has published the figures for twenty constituencies out of a total of thirty-eight.


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