the congress of Laurent Gbagbo’s new party takes place


Four months after returning to the Ivory Coast, the former president officially launches his new party on the occasion of a constituent congress that opened on Saturday, October 16 in Abidjan.

as reported from Abidjan, Pierre Pinto

He is more than three hours behind schedule. Laurent Gbagbo enters the packed hall of the Palais des Congrès at the Ivoire Hotel in Abidjan, to the cheers and cheers of the leaders of his future party. The ban and the backbench for “Gbagbo or nothing” are there, as well as representatives of other parties, friends but not only.

Thus, the presence of Adama Bictogou, Executive Director of the RHDP, surprised some delegates. He places his presence in the continuity of the Ouattara-Gbagbo meeting on 27 July.

The absence of Simone Gbagbo Rummet also has many foreign delegations such as the French Communist Party’s leadership of Deputy Jean-Paul Lecoq, but also representatives of the Nigerian MNSD or the Ghanaian NDC. Particularly acclaimed, the Chadian opponent Mass success, 38, appealed for a new pan-Africanism and spoke to Laurent Gbagbo: “Africa is looking at you. I come in the name of this young Africa and I say to you: “give us the essentials you have”. “

An absence was noted in particular: Simone Gbagbo. The former first lady in personal and political rupture with Laurent Gbagbo is in the DRC for an evangelical conference.


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