the consequences of the alliance between the NPP and the APRC of


What will be the consequences of a rapprochement between President Adama Barrow and his former opponent Yahya Jammeh in Gambia? The alliance between NPP and APRC, which was announced this weekend, is in focus for human rights associations. They fear that this approach will call into question the government’s desire to prosecute the former leader for alleged human rights violations.

The Secretary-General of the Patriotic Alliance for Reorientation and Construction (APRC), Yahya Jammeh’s party, welcomes the announcement of alliance with National People’s Party (NPP). If President Adama Barrow is re-elected, the APRC demands that the results of the Truth, Reconciliation and Repairs Commission be thrown in the bin. This commission of inquiry, which is tasked with shedding light on the crimes committed during the Jammeh era, is expected to close at the end of September after two and a half years of work before any charges against the former president. The report is eagerly awaited.

The report questioned Civil society is on the rise. She was waiting for the Commission’s conclusions to trigger the judiciary against the former head of state. Without denying the fears, Seedy Njie, deputy spokesman for the ruling party in the party, on Thursday (September 8) defended the alliance with Yahya Jammeh’s party, motivated by him by the desire for national reconciliation.

But the report expected by the commission of inquiry will have no validity, he said, as its author is an opposition candidate: “Many Gambians are worried about prosecutor Essa Faal’s candidacy in the December 4 election. This candidacy calls into question the Commission’s work. So it would be incomprehensible for anyone to suggest that the prosecutor draw conclusions that will unite the Gambian people when he is an opponent of the president. So a majority of the Gambians have come to the conclusion that Essa Faal’s report will be biased and politicized. “

The prosecutor of the Essa Faal Commission will deliver his report on 30 September. This gives him two months to fight for the election on December 4.


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