the crash of a combat helicopter is due to the weather


Bad weather conditions are believed to be the cause of the crash of an Ivorian army helicopter near the border with Burkinabé ten days ago. This is what the Ivorian government states. The plane crash caused five people to die. The five crew members.

as reported from Abidjan, Pierre Pinto

On the night of 9 to 10 September, the Ivorian army’s Mi-24 attack helicopter crashed two kilometers north of the town of Togolokaye, in the department of Tehini, near the border with Burkinabé.

“Adverse weather conditions” What exactly did the unit do in the middle of the night, in this area there regularly reported jihadists? “He was on a mission”, limited himself to confirming the government spokesman without saying more. On the other hand, Amadou Coulibaly reveals details about the causes of the crash. “It would have happened after adverse weather conditions,” he explains, indicating that the first elements of the investigation suggest that the Russian-made helicopter could have been struck by lightning. Investigators who were able to use the first black box are still looking for the second, according to the government spokesperson.

The bodies of the five crew members were found shortly after the crash. They were two Ivorian operators and three instructors of Bulgarian nationality, which was confirmed a few days ago by the Bulgarian Embassy in Nigeria. On Friday, a tribute will be paid in the main courtyard’s main courtyard to the two killed Ivorian soldiers. As for the Bulgarian instructors, they will receive the award during a ceremony at the Abidjan air base before their bodies are repatriated.


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