the creation of a national alliance to fight


Mauritania has launched its first national anti-corruption alliance. It was created on Sunday night at the end of a congress in Nouakchott International Center and has set the task of shedding light on the public funds that are probably being misused during the ten years of President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

with our correspondent in Nouakchott, Salem Mejbour

The Alliance, which aims to act within the framework of civil society, brings together intellectuals, university professors, lawyers and religious leaders.

Among its first goals, to contribute to the recovery of public capital that would have been abused in the last ten years. This is obviously due to the time when Mauritania was ruled by former President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. Under house arrest since May 11, the former head of state was accused on March 12 of corruption, money laundering, waste and embezzlement of public property.

The founders of the alliance intend to form a civil party in the perspective of holding the trial for corruption and embezzlement of the former Mauritanian president. They want the refund to the people of all goods that should have been transferred under their management of the country’s affairs between 2008 and 2019.

The president of NGOs “Publish what you pay”, Maître Mine ould Abdoullah is one of the members of the new anti-corruption alliance. “What is important for us is to bring our support, our stone, not only to recover badly received goods, but also – above all – so that tomorrow does not (no longer) happen …”

Supporters of former President Aziz condemn the instrumentalisation of part of civil society, organized by the authorities. This is the opinion of the President of the Mauritanian Observatory for Human Rights and Democracy. “They are being used by the government to somehow show the commitment of civil society and justify that it is not a political crisis.”

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The dissertation does not hold according to Master Mine Abdoullah who proclaims total independence from power, while reaffirming the determination of the alliance members to work for the restoration of ill-gotten goods.

Since March 12, ex-president Aziz and a dozen personalities, including two of his sons-in-law and two of his former prime ministers, have been accused of embezzlement, corruption, waste and embezzlement of public property.


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