the death of the artist Jacques Koyo, known as


Better known as the chairman, Jacques Koyo, a great musician who revealed himself to the public in Congo-Brazzaville in the 1980s thanks to his dance “Engondza”, died at the age of 71. His lifeless body, in a state of disintegration, was found on Tuesday, September 21, at his home and buried some time later. One of his sons was arrested for questioning. His fellow musicians and other cultural figures have praised him.

Engondza is a folklore from Congo-Brazzaville, sung with modern musical instruments. This dance is the hallmark of Jacques Koyo.

He became known as a music artist to the public from 1986; a little old because he first made a career in martial arts. In 1984, he was thus the African karate champion in Dakar, Senegal.

Several times named his best artist in his country When he released “MG alembi” in 1990, a title where he sings his wife hijacked by a lover, the Engondza dance is even more successful.

It crosses borders, because the famous Latin Quarter Orchestra for Koffi Olomide does not hesitate to sing and dance to Engondza’s rhythm, in Kinshasa, on the other side of the river.

President Jacques Koyo has been named the best artist in his country several times. Among those who follow him at the height of his art is the guitarist Roga-Roga, the current leader of the group Extra Musica.

Three years ago, this duo released a single in particular in which they condemned the corruption that undermines the administration or the tax and customs services.

Jacques Koyo’s insecure health had kept him away from studios and theaters in recent months. His death, under disturbing circumstances, leaves many artists speechless. He was 71 years old.


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