the dismay of teachers fleeing the jihadist threat


In Burkina Faso, hundreds of teachers have had to abandon their students after attacks by armed groups, and more than 2,100 schools have been closed following terrorist threats. Today, some professors are waiting for new assignments that are no longer able to return to their old position.

Botou is located in the eastern region of Burkina Faso. The teachers in this municipality have received several visits from armed men. The message was clear: no more teaching French in the schools. Out of fear for their lives, these teachers left and abandoned the students. “The [les jihadistes]asked us not to learn French anymore. They have come several times. We were forced to flee. We resumed. But when the students came to come and teach, they threatened them and told them that it was not useful, for next year they would no longer have to study on the spot. And during the bac session, they came to burn down our establishment. ”

Death of a school leader

After an initial threat, the school where Ibrahim (assumed name) taught had to close its doors. A few days after the resumption, the scenario was the same. This teacher remembers, “You do not want to hear about Western languages ​​or civilizations. They want people to teach Arabic. We are always scared. ”

Despite the persistent threat and fear, many teachers have been relocated to other relatively safe areas or institutions.

On October 16, the lifeless body of an elementary school principal was found on the Gorom Gorom-Markoye axis in the Sahel region, just days after the start of the school year.


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