the former Secretary – General of the President arrested by


In Mali, former President-General Kalilou Doumbia was arrested by intelligence services. His disappearance has been the concern of his relatives since Monday, but according to information from RFI, the partner of the former transitional president Bah N’Daw would actually be detained by the state security.

It was he who had read on television, on May 24, the decree appointing the volatile new transitional government, the composition of which had angered Assimi Goïta. Moctar Ouane and President Bah N’Daw. The Presidency’s Secretary General, with the rank of Minister, Kalilou Doumbia then took refuge in an embassy.

Kalilou Doumbia had since resumed her life as a teacher-researcher. A lawyer by training, Kalilou Doumbia, left his home early on Monday afternoon for Bamako Law University, where he teaches. His colleagues have never seen him come. His family tries unsuccessfully to reach him until the evening and finally decides to report his disappearance to the police the next morning.

However, according to information cross-checked by RFI, Kalilou Doumbia was arrested by state security, Malian intelligence and has since been interrogated and detained in Kati’s military camp.

For what reason he was arrested Some sources say that Kalilou Doumbia was on several occasions, and until very recently, requested by Colonel Assimi Goïta personally, who wanted to work with him. Was it his refusal that justified this arrest? If it is not related torecently released former president and prime minister, Bah N’Daw and Moctar Ouane, whose placement under house arrest ended just over two weeks ago? Does Kalilou Doumbia have information of interest to the authorities?

At the request of RFI on the subject, the presidency did not follow up.

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