the high cost of basic necessities at the center of


In Senegal, a national consumer council will be convened this Tuesday, August 31, around the Minister of Trade. On the agenda: the price situation for basic products, rice, oil, sugar … According to the National Statistics Agency, consumer prices increased by 1.9% in July compared to the previous year, June.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte idrac

Traditional Senegalese tea is necessarily very sweet. But at present it is difficult to find sugar in this market in the Ouakam district.

“I sold tea. We increased the sugar. It was difficult for me because I could not raise the price of the cup of tea. Everything is increasing. It does not suit anyone … “

In his shop, this dealer has no explanations. He himself buys his products wholesale at a higher price. “The bag of fragrant rice, I sell it for up to 20,000 FCFA instead of 17,500. Local rice has gone from 13 to 14,000 and 20-liter can of oil, from 14,500 to 14,000. To 24,000! I do not know what the problem is and customers are complaining … “

An increase linked to measures against Covid taken by the government, says economist Khadim Bamba Diagne. According to him, bad news: the increase may continue. “It’s very simple,” he begins. Last year we decided on restrictions, we asked the Senegalese to stay at home. The reduction in economic activity has resulted in lower incomes for households but also for the state. The only valid instrument that the state can use today is to increase the tax base. If we now raise taxes, traders will pass on this increase to prices. ”

Concern in the heart of the National Consumer Council on Tuesday, to try to find solutions.


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