the migration issue at the center of the visit


Continuation and end of Friday of the Spanish Prime Minister’s official visit to Dakar. Pedro Sanchez met with President Macky Sall. An exchange specifically dedicated to the fight against illegal emigration: The Spanish Canary Islands have had an influx of migrants from West Africa since last year. A visit also focused on strengthening economic relations.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte idrac

A policy of “circular migration”, in other words for temporary stays in Spain, is the meaning of the convention signed on Friday. Also on the table: the resumption of illegal migration to Senegal, without details of the methods, a timetable or the number of people involved.

“Of course we talked about return flights, otherwise we can organize seasonal departures because Spain needs manpower,” said Senegalese President Macky Sall. I have already set up a working group to select young people who will go for a period. After the season, they will return. “

This “circular migration” could be a “turning point” in cooperation between Madrid and Dakar on the migration issue, adds the President of the Spanish Government.

On the economic front, Spain, which already exists in the agricultural and hotel sector, is trying to strengthen its bilateral relations with Senegal. “Spain is approaching Senegal, Africa,” Pedro Sanchez explained. We work hand in hand in areas such as peace and security. Our companies want to invest, there are sectors where we are at the forefront such as renewable energy, water and sanitation, infrastructure … ”

Concrete signs of this desire for rapprochement: the installation of a Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Dakar and the forthcoming opening of a cultural institute in Cervantes, the first in sub-Saharan Africa.

More than 70,000 Senegalese live legally in Spain


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