The NGO’s Norwegian Refugee Council’s activities were suspended


In Burkina Faso, the authorities have suspended the Norwegian Refugee Council’s activities on internally displaced persons for the time being. According to official figures, the country has more than 1.4 million displaced people. NGOs are accused of discrediting the Ouagadougou government.

In a letter circulating on social networks, the Minister responsible for humanitarian action justifies the suspension of the organization’s activities for the time being. In this text, Hélène Marie Laurence Ilboudo Marchal evokes a “communication campaign” by NGOs and cites interviews with several media outlets.

A press release that goes wrong She claims that the Norwegian Refugee Council is trying to “discredit the government” when it specifically states that the authorities refuse to register internally displaced persons by voluntary organizations.

Less than a month ago, in a press release, the organization talked about delays in registering displaced persons. These efforts by the Burkina Faso authorities are hampering their access to adequate assistance. The organization therefore suggested that non-governmental organizations could participate in these operations in order to speed up the processes.

On Friday, October 1, the Norwegian Refugee Council declared that it had effectively suspended its activities throughout the territory of Burkina Faso, as the Burkinabe authorities asked at the beginning of the week. The NGO says it wants to hold talks with the Burkinabè government in order to resume its humanitarian activities.

When asked by RFI, the Burkinabe authorities did not want to comment on this suspension.

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