the promoter of MyGoldRev wanted


Justice is actively seeking Serge Kasanda Ntumba, the initiator of a financial structure that is classified as illegal by the Congolese Central Bank authorities. MyGoldRev is the name of his institution, which is alleged to have defrauded hundreds of thousands of dollars from its customers.

“Here your money becomes your slave. Make yourself another source of income ”. The enticing currency of MyGoldRev, a so-called online investment institution, has attracted tens of thousands of people.

Two to 3% profit per day on a capital that ranges from $ 10 to $ 100,000 over an investment period of 80 days, according to the announcement to customers. And it was the latter who had to recruit other subscribers to increase their revenue. For Congolese central bank officials, MyGoldRev’s operations were not honest.

The country’s authorities had warned since October 2020 that this institution had been banned from operating. It was not possible to pay or return their bets to tens of thousands of subscribers, but the promoters have disappeared into the wild.

According to Patrick Lokala, of the collective of subscribers to MyGoldRev, many people have gone so far as to sell their houses to make investments with Serge Kasanda Ntumba, hoping to get rich quick.

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