the relatives of the Malian hostages rejoice but


The Colombian nun, sister Gloria Cécilia Narvaez, was released on Saturday, October 9, after four years and eight months in captivity. But the jihadists are still holding several hostages, including at least ten Malians.

Sister Gloria Narvaez was detained by the jihadists in the Islam and Muslim Support Group (GSIM or Jnim), led by Iyad Ag Ghali. His release was obtained after of negotiations conducted by the Malian Transitional Authorities and by the Christian Association Sant’Egidio, at the request of the Vatican.

A liberation that should not hide the other hostages still in Jnim’s hands, including the French journalist Olivier Dubois, detained for more than six months, among which also at least ten malians – all cases are not public – of which many representatives of the state kidnapped for this very reason.

Sakouba Mady Dembele, Deputy Secretary-General of Syltmat, Free Union of Workers at the Ministry of Territorial Administration, is mobilized to release her colleagues. “The unions in the Ministry of Territorial Administration are happy that Sister Gloria was released, we have always sympathized with her pain. But with us, the colleagues DrissaSanogo prefect of Gourma-Rharous, sub-prefect Ali Cissé, kidnapped in the performance of their duties. There are also community agents, managers and even teachers who are in the hands of the kidnappers, and that is a long time ago. We appreciate that Sister Gloria was released, but we have been waiting for our colleagues to be released for several years. ”

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On this occasion, the president of the transition, Assimi Goïta, stated that measures were still being taken to free all hostages, foreigners and malians. “The highest authorities in Mali made us understand that they are working hard,” admits Syltmat’s deputy secretary general before qualifying: “But at the moment we are waiting and there is nothing concrete.”

If Sakouba Mady Dembele is obviously happy with the release of Sister Gloria, it also has a bitter taste for him. It was with surprise that we learned about Sister Gloria’s release without our colleagues. I believe that if there is a will, the higher authorities can do it. But we remain optimistic: all malians as hostages will be released. It is important to relieve the families that they know the efforts of the high authorities. So communicate, at least with the families, so that they know at what level they are looking for a solution in the release of these hostages. “

The jam food representative states that he has not had any contact with the authorities since Sister Gloria’s release. However, he hopes to discuss the situation with them soon. “In the coming days, we want to meet them to find out what happened, what hindered the release of our colleagues and other malians? We wonder about the honesty of what we hear. Are we really doing anything to free our hostages? ”

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