the separatists’ new strategy


Cameroon’s Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute has been visiting since Tuesday, September 21, until Friday in the southwestern region, one of the two English – speaking regions in the country in violent violence for four years. The purpose of this trip is “the follow-up to the resolutions of the great national dialogue” that he had organized in early October 2019, without the separatist groups. Following an obvious stabilization phase, the recent deadly attacks on the military in the northwestern neighboring region have forced the government to recognize a “paradigm shift”, that is, in the situation.

If in the following months the “great national dialogue” could give the impression of a rest, the rebel groups were in fact undergoing reorganization, according to several analysts.

Instead of hitting city centers in search of chaos, for example by targeting schools, militiamen have entered the maquis, from where they have targeted the army as a priority since the beginning of the year.

This is what happened last week when a group active east of Bamenda for the first time used improvised explosive devices and rocket launchers to immobilize armored vehicles and inflict heavy damage on the troops.

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A possible link to the IPOB These attacks led the Ministry of Defense to recognize a “paradigm shift” which, according to him, was born from an “intersection with other terrorist organizations operating outside the borders” in Cameroon, without wanting to name them.

If cross-border arms trafficking has been going on since the beginning of the conflict, experts are wondering about a possible link to the IPOB, the Biafran separatist group Nmandi Kanu, imprisoned in Nigeria. Enough to get the two governments to discuss the subject in August in Abuja last year.

This harassment tactic aims to exhaust the Cameroonian army and force the authorities to enter into real negotiations. An analyst confirms that the General Staff is “upset” about the situation and would like a political unblocking of the conflict.


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