the transitional government raises the possibility that a


This Sunday, 26 September, consultations were concluded on the development of a single body for election management and preparation of the National Assembly for reunification. The possibility for the transitional authorities to express the possibility of postponing the elections in order to have time to implement the necessary reforms.

as reported from Bamako, Manon Laplace

“Better postponed elections than failed elections”, this is essentially what the Minister of State for Reconstruction, Ibrahim Ikassa Maïga, told RFI alongside consultations on the National Assembly.

The deadlines that constitute commitments are known. We work actively to meet these deadlines. Now the reality on the ground will determine everything else, he said. The scope of the reforms to be made will determine anything other than the issues of deadlines. It’s about Mali’s future. ”

A decision that is likely to upset the international community, which had complied with the transitional schedule, set at 18 months, its greatest demand after the coup on 18 August 2020. ”The entire international community is there to help us move towards stabilization. If Mali is not stabilized, I do not think it is an honor for the international community and for ourselves, Ibrahim Ikassa Maïga explained.

Part of the political class, which boycotted consultations, accuses the authorities of instrumentalizing the organization of National Assises for political purposes. “It is a waste of energy and resources that hides a clear desire to prolong the transition with forceps and to remain in power,” said Yaya Sangaré, a spokeswoman for Adema.

Asked by RFI in an upcoming interview on our antenna, the Malian Prime Minister assured him that “the essential thing was less to hold elections on 27 February than to hold elections that will not be contested”. Although no timetable has been presented for the holding of National Assises, which must precede the vote, an extension of the transition now seems inevitable.


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