the two Y’en a marre activists heard by the judge


The case of visas and passport trade is still causing noise in Senegal. On Wednesday, September 15, rappers and activists Simon and Kilifeu, founding members of the civic movement Y’en a marre, were heard by the investigating judge who then placed them under arrest.

as reported from Dakar, Thea Ollivier

Simon Kouka and Kilifeu once again spent their day in jail on Wednesday in Dakar District Court, before being received by the investigating judge in the other cabinet in the afternoon.

The first question question ended a little before 16.00. They were heard at the same time as Thierno Amadou Diallo, who is alleged to have filmed Kilifeu who received sums of money for services related to obtaining visas.

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At the end, the lawyers are very brief. They are content to list the accusations that the investigating judge has left against the two figures in the Y’en a marre movement: criminal conspiracy, corruption, attempted forgery in an administrative document and attempted migrant smuggling against Kilifeu. Violation of attempted smuggling of migrants and complicity in the use of forgery against Simon Kouka.

MeAbdoulaye Tall, one of their lawyers, reminds them that they remain calm and that they continue to declare their innocence.

The two rappers and activists, who are currently under arrest warrant during the investigation, will be heard again as part of the investigation to determine their degree of involvement in this affair.

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