Turkish Airlines workers help Senegal’s albino


The charity group “Friends of Charity” formed by employees of Turkish Airlines helps albino children in Senegal by providing them with sunscreen.

According to a statement from the airline, the group spearheaded a charity campaign coordinated with the National Association of Albinism in Senegal (ANAS) to help the children.

Individuals with albinism are particularly vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays, which is particularly difficult in a country like Senegal where sunlight is good. Sunscreen is one of the best protectors against permanent skin damage.

Flight attendant Yusuf Babür Öztürk said they were determined to continue their aid efforts.

“We will be more than happy if we can even protect these children from sunlight,” he said.

“It’s hard to believe that sunscreen can save lives, but that’s what it is,” said Chief of Staff Esra Kılıç.

“It is our dream to be able to teach children’s mothers to prepare natural sunscreen,” she added.

“It is difficult to express how good it feels to see how sunscreen helps in a challenging condition that is only caused by a lack of a pigment,” flight attendant Çağrı Kaya also emphasized.

ANAS President Mouhamadou Bamba Diop also stressed that he has three albino children, and more awareness of albinism is needed worldwide.

“The global community does not know about the African people with albinism. Sunscreen is very crucial for us, but it is difficult to find and buy here. In addition, our people are just struggling to get enough food, he says.

“In this geography, they see you as a ghost if you are albino. I invite the rest of the world to look down from their private jet towards Africa and notice us, says Diop.

“I thank Turkish Airlines and all the charities,” he concluded.

Having albinism or a congenital absence of pigmentation or coloring means that the skin develops a rash and burns very easily when exposed to sunlight.


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