two members of the Y’en a marre movement in the seeker to


The rappers Simon and Kilifeu, two founders of the civic movement Y’en a marre, will be presented to the prosecutor on Monday 13 September. They are prosecuted in cases of fraud and fraudulent visa trading where two deputies from the presidential movement are also quoted.

It’s a real earthquake that shakes the Y ‘a nightmare. Two members of the civic movement – who have distinguished themselves in recent weeks by taking very critical positions against President Macky Sall’s latest bill – are in the criminal investigation department.

Landing Mbissane Seck alias Kilifeu, under police arrest for a week, charged with visa fraud. It would have been easier to get a visa for a fee. A crime that can be worth up to a year in prison.

As for Simon Kouka, he is being prosecuted for passport trading. He is said to have rented his French passport to other people. What can be considered as migrant smuggling. A crime that can give him 5 to 10 years in prison if repeated or aggravating circumstances arise.

Their lawyer, Khoureychi Ba, believes they could benefit from a return from the prosecutor, the time to complete the investigation and thus avoid obligation.

On the side of the Y ‘a marre, no reactions at the moment, but one of the officials suspects political grounds. In total, at least 5 people are concerned about this deal, including 2 members of the majority whose parliamentary immunity may be lifted in the coming days. The majority chairman of the majority parliament, Benno Bokk Yakar, announced on Thursday that he would not oppose it.

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