various army corps promise allegiance to the junta


The first direct contact, on Tuesday, September 7, between the National Committee of Rally and Development (CNRD), new masters of Conakry under the leadership of Colonel Mamady Doumbouya and the commanders of the various Guinean army staffs with their Chief General Namory Traoré, until its Chief of Staff . A meeting during which the army as a whole promised allegiance to the Putschists who overthrew the Alpha Condé regime on Sunday.

as reported from Conakry, Mokhtar Bah

This meeting was held in the presence of all military and paramilitary leaders of the army. Aviation General SidiYaya Camara, Head of the Ministry of Defense’s Cabinet, on behalf of his colleagues, formalized the support of the armed forces to the CNRD:

“Today, the defense and security forces, military and paramilitary bodies have gathered to solemnly express their support for the patriotic outbreak that history has just recorded in capital letters. To give all its content, all its value to this historic event, these defense and security forces express their commitment in the interests of the Republic of Guinea ”.

“It is important for us, the soldiers, to take our responsibility.” In response, the junta’s chief, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, first greeted the memory of the Guinean soldiers who fell in operating theaters, before reaffirming his commitment to the Guineans a -vis: “We have a great responsibility, because the people expect a lot from us. This great responsibility forces us to be calm, to continue to do the work, the sovereign work of the republic so that there is the continuity of the state. […]”It is important for us, the military, to take our responsibility to the people of Guinea.”

Conakry’s new strongman ended by specifying that it was his priorities to ensure continuity of service and the security of the population.

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