Will Guinea be sanctioned at the summit in


ECOWAS will meet this Thursday at an extraordinary summit to decide on Guinea’s case, eleven days after the coup. Last week, the sub-regional organization suspended the country from its agencies. Will it move forward this Thursday by directly sanctioning the country? The hypothesis is on the table. To help them decide, the West African heads of state will have in their hands the report on the mission that went there on Friday.

In their assignment report, broadcast from ECOWAS make several recommendations. First that the transition should be civil since it is short. The members of the mission were divided over its duration, some argued for a rapid 6-month transition, others for a one-year break. “But everyone agrees that we should not exceed 12 months,” assures one of the members of the mission from the microphone.

Other recommendations include the release of prisoners and in particular the ousted president Alpha Condé. These recommendations will be at the heart of the debates this Thursday. Will the heads of state at the same time choose to sanction the country as last year for Mali after the first coup? The hypothesis is on the table but the issue seems to be debated.

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“What sanctions do you want to give them at this stage where we are?” Asks a minister in the region who points to the popularity of this coup. “To sanction the military would be to make Cédéa totally unpopular,” he said. so the idea would be not to sanction the Guinean soldiers immediately, but rather to threaten them with personal and collective sanctions if they do not respect the recommendations of the subregional organization.

Junta’s chief speaks to the international community On Guinea’s side, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya received the diplomatic and consular corps on Wednesday at the People’s Palace in Conakry. national consultations. The possibility for the junta head to send a message to the international community, to which he asked in a way to promote pragmatism.

“In our collective desire to rebuild the foundations of our nation, we do not want to make the same mistakes of the past. These national, collective ambitions can sometimes go against the paths marked by the principles agreed upon by regional, sub-regional and international organizations. This does not mean that we are outside the rules. We need you by our side to follow the process without pressure, without injunction, by prioritizing realism over theory and principles. ”

The international community has always been in bed in Guinea, which is why we wanted to listen to you, hear your analyzes, accept all enriching proposals while respecting our integrity, our dignity and our sovereignty.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, head of the junta

According to the Ghanaian Foreign Minister, ECOWAS representatives should also discuss the situation in Mali. The presidents of Liberia and Guinea Bissau had already arrived in Accra on Wednesday night.


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