Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho threatened


Nigerian activist Sunday Igboho, organizer of a meeting in early July for the creation of a “Yoruba” nation, was presented to the prosecutor on Thursday in Cotonou. The sessionist was arrested on Monday in the Benin capital by the aviation police and he had fled his country after a raid by Nigerian services to his home in Ibadan 150 km from Megalopolis Lagos. Nigerian authorities demanded that he be arrested and extradited.

Nigerian sources, transmitted by social networks, announced on Wednesday the release of the activist who was arrested on Monday at Cotonou airport. He’s been there since Monday night.

On Wednesday, he underwent his first interrogation, a hearing conducted by the judicial police that lasted about two hours according to our information. The separatist responded to the facts that his country accuses him of: “possession and trade in arms, encouragement of rebellion.” A Beninese lawyer whose help he requested was present at his side.

On July 3, he actually organized a demonstration in his country, “pro-Yoruba country” scattered with tear gas and live ammunition, according to witnesses.

According to our information, his wife who came to meet him in Cotonou was also heard by the Beninese police.

The couple will normally be presented this Thursday to the prosecutor. His decision is eagerly awaited, we will see if the Beninese legal system will deliver Sunday Igboho to the Nigerian authorities or not.

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