young people sought for turnout


In Senegal, there is only one week left to register to vote: the audit ends on 8 September. In sight are local elections at the end of January, before the legislation next year and the presidential election in 2024. Young people, under-represented in the current act, are the priority target for the political parties.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte idrac

“You must keep the receipt.” The registration receipt in hand, Awa, 30, has just left the assignment installed in an educational institute in the popular district of Medina. “I was not on the list, that’s why I came here. I learned it on the radio, on social networks. This is important because the election to City Hall is coming. I’m Senegalese, I have to vote. Here is!”

According to the audit report for the electoral system, just under half (53.8%) of 18-25-year-olds are registered on the lists. Abdoulaye Mohamed Diop is 20 years old. He will vote for the first time in January next year. “Sometimes I bring up the subject with my comrades, but they refuse to vote because they think politicians are the same. And if you are with someone today, they can change tomorrow and many do not trust them. That’s why there are demonstrations and all that. “

Representatives of various political parties follow the process. Almost 3,000 people have already come to register or re-register at this office. The President of the El Hadj Moustapha Ly Commission is present six days a week, from 08:00 to 18:00. “It is a great satisfaction because people, especially young people, come to register a lot. Among the young people who register, there may be future presidents of the republic, future ministers. Youth is the future of tomorrow. ”

After the registrations have closed on September 8, a dispute will begin until the 14th.


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