a march against President Kaïs Saïed during high


This Sunday, October 10, was marked by new demonstrations in Tunis. This time it was the opponents of Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed who took to the streets. A very supervised and less accessible event than the previous ones.

as reported from Tunis, Amira Souilem

Even before you arrive on Avenue Bourguiba, the site of the protest President Saïed, the tone is set: clusters of police cross the neighborhood. The demonstration of the president’s opponents is closely monitored.

Access to the demonstration was even banned from some streets, even for journalists. Police officers posted around the meeting place order a U-turn: “You have to go through rue de Paris. Other accesses are closed. There is a single entry and search, it is from rue de Paris, a police officer told RFI.

“The collection was split voluntarily.” In the procession, which was overflowing with a drone, protesters experienced the same difficulties in getting to the city theater, a gathering point since the beginning of the movement.

“The collection was deliberately divided into at least five so as not to give the impression that we were many. We understood these methods. We made a complete detour to be able to access it, it was tiring. But the truth still does not stop finding a way to be heard “, testifies a protester.

The same observation made by a man who crossed in the procession: “They put obstacles everywhere. They kept us at the entrance for half an hour, but we were finally able to get in. It was tiring, it took a while, but here we are. ”

“We are not devils” Visibly outraged by this handling of the demonstration, some protesters streamed into a more radical critique of power than in previous weeks. Criticism of President Kaïs Saïed’s exceptional actions seems to gradually turn into anger at him: “In speeches he says that we are the devil or sharp people. No, we are the people. The one who chose him. He must listen to us, he has no choice. We are not devils and no one paid us to come to this demonstration. We pray that the constitution that enabled him to become president will be applied again. It is a coup d’etat what he did, it is what we say from the beginning and that is what we will continue to say “, testifies a woman.

A crowd is formed near this woman. A national TV team in the middle of an interview with a deputy is hooked by protesters who accuse him of having power. “You are the media of shame! Shame on the media! Ready! Go out! The protesters shouted.

“We will continue the demonstrations until the president hears us. He has to listen to us whether he likes it or not! “Adds a man. Many insults and hateful remarks against the Tunisian president have marked this demonstration, which was held as the state of emergency enters its twelfth week.


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