Abdi Hashi backs as Somali elections near deadlock


Abdi Hashi backs as Somali elections near deadlock

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Somaliland’s SEIT has backed a proposal by outgoing Senate Speaker Abdi Hashi, arguing that the time has come to overturn the 16 parliamentary seat result until a credible and verifiable election takes place in the country.

On Tuesday, Abdi Hashi, who was recently re-elected to the Senate, questioned the way the lower house elections are conducted in the country, adding that the exercise was tainted with fraud.

Hashi, a critic of incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, insisted that for the exercise to gain the credibility it deserves, at least 16 lower house election results should be overturned by the electoral committee that was accused of collusion with Farmaajo.

His sentiments were supported by Somaliland’s SEIT, which insisted that the exercise be stopped until consensus was reached. The Committee said fraud cases must be resolved as soon as possible for the country to enjoy cohesion.

These sentiments come after the Union of Presidential Candidates vowed to boycott the elections, arguing that the government compromised the exercise contrary to initial provisions and expectations.

Earlier this week, Somali Prime Minister Hussein Roble welcomed a decision taken by the Federal Election Implementation Team [FEIT] suspend the confirmation of the two-seat election of the House of the People [Lower House of the Parliament] that have been the subject of litigation.

“I appreciate your decision regarding the reliability of FEIT’s actions,” Prime Minister Roble said. FEIT said the election of the two did not follow the correct procedure.

The Prime Minister also urged the Federal Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee to discharge its functions legitimately, in accordance with the agreements and procedures on electoral disputes.

Roble reacted to FEIT’s decision to review the outcome of two elected Lower House seats in the city of Baidoa, the interim capital of the Southwestern state. The seats were labeled HOP 154 and HOP 103.

On Sunday, the FEIT issued a statement addressed to the National Election Implementation Teams [SEIT] and copy to Prime Minister Roble saying that the election for the two posts did not follow the planned procedure.

“The HOP 154 seat elected in the city of Baidoa on November 29 is incompatible with a procedure established on October 1, 2020. Therefore, its result is null and void,” said the FEIT.

FEIT has suspended the result of a HOP 103 seat election which also took place in the city of Baidoa. Prior to the vote, the Federal Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee reviewed a complaint and ordered the postponement of the election, which the Southwest State SEIT ignored.



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