back to the school year still uncertain due to movement


Return to school scheduled for last Monday did not take place. Schools, colleges and colleges across the country were only open for enrollment, scheduling and cleaning. In principle, it is this Monday that the courses will really begin. Except that as of Monday, the main union had demanded a two-week strike that could be renewed.

as reported from Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

Louis Patrick Mombo leads the main coalition between national education federations. The head of Conasysed accuses the government of being poorly prepared for the school year. For him, the failure to return to school on Monday shows the success of the strike’s slogan for his movement.

“The strike movement really followed from the first week. For us, it is a victory. And the strike will continue. We are waiting for the government to respond positively to our demands. ”

The strikers are calling for a Covid bonus, the reminder of delayed pay and the training of new teachers to compensate for the deficit. They are also asking for better monitoring of their careers.

“The government did not take time to resolve these issues during the holidays and despite the start of the strike on September 28, the government did not call for negotiations, although Conasysed is still open for negotiations.”

The government has been silent about teachers’ demands. Parents, on the other hand, the Minister of National Education, Patrick Mouguiama Daouda, announced that he has taken measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in schools. He also announced the commissioning of 5 new universities in the capital where classrooms are generally overcrowded.


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