dialogue between religious representatives on the future


Discussions resumed on Saturday morning between representatives of the eight recognized religious communities in the country. The president of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso, gave them until Monday to agree on the name of the new president of Ceni.

Six of his denominations under the leadership of the revival churches submitted their minutes two months ago and appointed Denis Kadima, an international election expert. But for Catholics and Protestants, it is too close, too supported by the presidency of Felix Tshisekedi.

The discussions lasted for six hours. Apparently for nothing, everyone has stuck to their positions. At the end, Father Nshole, Secretary General of Cenco, who invited confessions for these discussions, talks about a return “to square one” and calls for “patience”.

The other religious denominations even refuse family photos. Even though everyone is talking about peaceful discussions, the mood is tense. The Protestant spokesman for the ECC, Pastor Eric Senga, said he believed in further discussions on Monday. “There is some work that will continue next week.” Discussions led by the president of the platform for religious confessions, Monsignor Utembi, the archbishop of Kisangani who will come then.

However, this is not what Pastor Dodo Kamba, patron of the revival churches, who always speaks for the other six religious communities, said at the end. He already assures him that they will send a letter to the President of the National Assembly to explain their position. For these six confessions, it remains Denis Kadima or nothing. “We will send a correspondence to the President of the National Assembly answering him in connection with the work we have done. We tried to convince our colleagues to join us, to return to the cause.”

This is the scenario that Western chancelleries feared. In recent days, there has been a completely diplomatic sweep around religious communities and the offices of the National Assembly, which Catholics and Protestants threaten to demonstrate during a forced transition. Cenco and ECC say they do not want to see the 2006, 2011 and 2018 scenarios repeated, elections with the results each time questioned and especially due to the choice of leadership at Ceni.


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