Ethiopia: is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed preparing for exile?


Ethiopia: is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed considering exile?

NAIROBI, Kenya – Unconfirmed reports from Addis Ababa indicate struggling Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed could consider exile offers even as war in Horn of Africa rages on, killing thousands and others displaced.

Already, the Tigray Defense Forces [TDF], which has been at daggers drawn with the federal government, has made considerable progress, successfully securing key strategic towns in Amhara and Afar regions in northern Ethiopia.

The war was so vicious that the Oromo Liberation Front [OLF], would have supported TDF, which will be a blow to the administration of Abiy Ahmed. The OLF comes from the Oromia region where Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was born.

Rashid Abdi, a Horn of Africa business analyst, said diplomatic sources told him Ahmed was considering options for exile. “Pressure is mounting on Abiy to go into exile. It is said that he is studying the offers,” he noted.

Although Axadlecannot verify these latest reports, there is, however, evidence that several Addis Ababa nationals and diplomats have started to leave the country. If upheld, move could be a big win for TDF, which is fighting against the Ethiopian National Defense Forces [ENDF] for one year.

TDF spokesperson Getachew Reda recently confirmed to the BBC that “our goal is to have a great game against Addis Ababa”. The spokesperson, however, denied claims that foreign nations supported the outfit, which is linked to former Tigrayan leaders; Popular Front for the Liberation of Tigray [TPLF].

The United States, which has since issued a travel advisory to its citizens on traveling to Ethiopia, has warned TDF against taking over Addis Ababa. Multiple sources from the Horn of Africa nation indicate that the Federal Army has been significantly weakened.

Abdi, who has been vocal in the Tigray conflict, noted that the turmoil could be assuaged if Kenya intervenes immediately. Nairobi sits on the United Nations Strategic Security Council [UNSC] and AU Peace Security Council.

Kenya is part of the UNSC, the AU PSC has strategic links with Ethiopia. It is the only anchor state in the Horn with diplomatic clout to help influence and shape post-dispensation. Abiy OLA and TDF do not see Kenya as a “hostile power”, “he notes. “Kenya should appoint a special envoy to help with the transition.”

According to its projection, at this time tomorrow [November 4th], “Addis will most likely be under the control of OLA and TDF.” “November 4th is important. It will be the first anniversary of the Tigray War.”

The war began a year ago when the TDF attacked the Northern Command, sparking a conflict between Mekelle and Addis Ababa. Despite the Federal Army’s gains, steam apparently lost in July when the TDF regrouped and began attacking neighboring states.

In addition, reports indicate that flights from Addis Ababa would be full, as diplomats and families of government officials flee an imminent attack on the Ethiopian capital by joining forces from Tigray and Oromo. The two forces are advancing towards the capital, Addis Ababa.

Mehari Taddele Maru, a public intellectual, said the declaration of a state of emergency “will further militarize the country and allow state actors to escalate and legitimize more atrocities.”

“The Addis Ababa-based diplomatic corps must offer alternative forms of protection, including, as practiced by most countries, temporary refuge on their premises to those seeking to protect themselves from threats to their lives,” a- he noted.

The Prime Minister, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for promoting democratization in Ethiopia and ending the conflict with Eritrea, has already called on civilians to take up arms and help the federal army to prevent the TDF from seizing Addis Ababa.

“This is the time for trial and error. Everyone will be tested until the end of the trial. We all have to adjust our lives to the time of trial until our issues are resolved quickly and we come back to a normal life, ”he said defiantly. Tweeter.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed further said the state of emergency was aimed at overcoming the circumstances the country is currently facing.

“We must lead our lives according to the situation so that our problems can be resolved quickly,” the Prime Minister stressed.



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