Ethiopian PM visits frontline as rebels march on Addis Ababa


Ethiopian PM visits frontline as rebels march on Addis Ababa

ADDIS ABABA – Struggling Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has finally joined the Ethiopian National Defense Forces [ENDF] on the front lines, state media reported, days after vowing to join the fight against the Tigray defense forces [TDF].

Government Communications Minister Legesse Tulu revealed that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was now leading the counteroffensive from the front line to eliminate TDF. The rebels from Tigray are also advancing rapidly towards the capital Addis Ababa.

Last month, Abiy Ahmed, who took power in 2018, called on civilians to join the war after TDF managed to push further south, seizing large swathes of Afar and Amhara regions. . Other senior government officials also immediately responded to the call. made by the prime minister to save Ethiopia and joined the campaign, he added.

Already Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has donated powers to Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen, who regularly heads government activities. Legesse added that the Prime Minister’s decision inspired many to follow his example and join the survival campaign.

The Prime Minister’s resolution demonstrates his leadership capacity and his long history of resilience of the nation, he added.

He called on the Ethiopians to support the survival campaign in diplomatic, economic and other fields, stressing that the war waged against the nation does not use weapons.

The war has been waged by allied terrorist groups on the other side and forces that are engaged in perpetrations to delay Ethiopia’s journey to a brighter future on the other side, Legesse said.

Calling on all to support the survival campaign, the minister added that the foreign media continue to spread false information against Ethiopia and fabricate distorted stories ranging from the story “A bull gives birth to a calf” to news reports. framed on the basis of unreal ideas that have never been said by any government official.

Several countries have recalled their citizens from Ethiopia, with the UK, France and the US on the front lines. The TDF said it is 230 km north of Addis Ababa, threatening to crush the capital in the coming months.

The TDF also said it was not ready to discuss until certain conditions were met. The war lasted just over a year and thousands of people were killed in the process according to aid agencies.



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