General Mokoko’s lawyers were fundamentally opposed to him


Lawyers for General Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko, 74, a failed presidential candidate in 2016, the results of which he never recognized, sentenced to 20 years of forced labor to “undermine the state’s internal security”, say they oppose the authorities’ decision to reintegrate their client in Brazzaville the prison. Since returning from an evacuation in August 2020 in Turkey, he has since been detained at the military hospital.

“We had sent a correspondence to the Minister of Justice and another to the Director General of the Prison Administration to express and mark our opposition to this reintroduction,” Master Yvon Éric Ibouanga explained to RFI.

General Mokoko has not yet recovered. In addition, the cell where he was imprisoned before being evacuated to Turkey is in a very unhealthy condition. Reintroducing him into this cell would place him in inhuman, dehumanizing and degrading conditions, he continued.

“General Mokoko will not be able to return to this cell until he has received the medical report showing that he has recovered and when he has received the health voucher from the military hospital,” added Me Ibouanga, who regularly reports visits to her client.

“We find this decision illegal and we do not accept his reinstatement,” concluded Maître Yvon Éric Ibouanga.


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