Kenya to auction Somali Air Force planes


Kenya to auction Somali Air Force planes

NAIROBI, Kenya – The Nairobi authorities are about to auction off two planes belonging to the Somali Air Force.

Since 1991, Somalia has had no combative armed forces after years of civil war. In fact, the country has yet to build a strong air force and relies heavily on AMISOM and the US Africa Command for aerial surveillance.

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority [KCAA] said he was set to auction off the junk plane just received $ 1,400 to dispose of for his backyard. The authority has set November 17 as the date for the auction in Nairobi.

According to the KCAA, the planes registered 3C-ZZA and 8204, both type AN24, were at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. [JKIA]. The tail number [code] 3C is a registration code for Equatorial Guinea and has been in the facility for many years.

Investigations indicate that the AN24 model is a Russian-made aircraft manufactured in the 1980s, an indication that the aircraft may have been scrapped during the Somali civil war that led to Siad Barre’s ouster.

Additionally, authorities said, each of the two planes will be sold for KShs. 73,000, which equates to approximately $ 730. interested buyers will be required to pay a deposit of Kshs 100,000.00. [$1000] per auction item, the notice partially read.

In addition, other planes linked to Somalia are Jubba Airways EY-534 and 5Y-BXZ for $ 4,006 each. It is not clear why the plane has been in Kenya for years, but the Horn of Africa country does not have a stable air force.

Elsewhere, a C-160 cargo plane caught fire on the runway at Dolow town airfield in Somalia’s Gedo region on Wednesday, becoming Somalia’s latest air disaster, and possibly the 10th in a year.

The aircraft caught fire shortly after landing on the dusty airstrip. The plane registered as EY-360 was carrying cargo from Mogadishu to Dolow in the Gedo region and luckily no casualties according to reports from Jubaland in Somalia.



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