Morning bomb explosion targets security company guarding UN offices in Somalia


Morning bomb explosion targets security company guarding UN offices in Somalia

MOGADICHE – A massive explosion in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, left eight people dead, police said, in the latest wave of violence sparked by terrorists in a country struggling with instability for more than three decades.

An eyewitness told Axadlethat a brief shooting followed the explosion in the capital during the morning rush hour in the city. The explosion, according to another witness, took place at 7:30 a.m. local time nationwide.

The explosion took place in the area of ​​the former presidential palace in Abdiqasim, targeting a convoy from a local security company guarding the UN offices, police said. However, officers did not indicate whether any UN staff was hit.

Police said 17 people were seriously injured as officers moved to the scene to sweep the area before making an official report. Such explosions targeting members of the security forces are common in the Horn of Africa country.

Al-Shabaab militants have since taken responsibility for the explosion. Al-Shabaab media reported that the group was responsible for the blast, adding that it was a suicide car bomb that targeted a convoy escorting “white officers” from the camp. training of General Gordon.

Al-Shabaab militants are well known for such attacks, targeting members of the security forces, government officials and even innocent civilians. The al-Qaida-linked group has killed thousands since 2007.

The morning explosion scene showed the destruction of buildings along the K4-Tarabunka road in Mogadishu with reports that civilians, including students, were injured in the attack. Rescue operations are currently underway in the capital.

The photos show the Mocaasir school nearly destroyed by the explosion. A health worker called what happened a “tragedy”, adding that security forces and other groups had activated emergency services at the scene of the explosion.

Previously, Al-Shabaab militants targeted various convoys, especially those intended for African Union mission forces and Turkish nationals. The group accuses the troops of targeting civilians in their operations.

AU forces have helped SNA troops liberate a number of towns across the country and are often targets of militants. Al-Shabaab militants often target crowded areas of the capital in addition to attacking security forces during operations.

The attack comes as Somalia and the AU are still in talks on the future of AMISOM in the country. While the AU wants a hybrid mission with the United Nations, Mogadishu is pushing for a reconfigured AMISOM.


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