murderous weekend in Beni’s territory, affected by


East of the DRC was the site this weekend of several attacks by armed men, the ADF claimed. There was no final assessment on Sunday night, but civil society in Beni counts several dead and wounded.

Armed men, alleged members of the ADF, allied democratic forces, scrubbed villages in the Beni territory of northern Kivu. During the night from Friday to Saturday, October 9, they attacked the villages of Mbingi and Mapasana, about 25 km west of the Oicha capital.

According to the president of civil society in the territory, four people were killed, seven motorcycles and several houses were set on fire. Several people were also abducted. Sunday morning, he said, it was the village of Mangazi, about 7 km from the site of the first attack, that the rebels targeted. The army drove them back. A rebel was killed, says the same source

Then on Sunday afternoon they went not far from there, to Matekelambi and Mabuo, “where the enemy still is.” “We currently have a charge of four people killed and several others missing,” Katuo added.

North Kivu, which has been under siege since May. On Sunday evening, the general rapporteur for the coordination of civil society in Beni’s territory calls for appropriate measures to be taken to stop the violence in the region.

We urge everyone to come to our aid to find peace in the region. Otherwise, our future is doubtful. We requested that a Community-based evaluation be carried out. But we were worried that if there is no quick assessment, big cities can also be attacked. It is urgent that Kinshasa listen to us.

The general rapporteur for the coordination of civil society in the territory of Beni


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