recurrence of the debate on the age limit for candidates for


In recent days, the recurring debate over the age limit for presidential candidates has returned to the forefront of the political scene. In a country where 78% of the population is under the age of 35, the same three leaders have taken center stage for three decades: Alassane Ouattara, 79, Henri Konan Bedié, 87 and Laurent Gbagbo, 76. An alternate restarts the debate and ensures that the issue will submitted to Parliament in 2022. The 75-year ceiling provided for in the 2000 Constitution had been withdrawn in 2016.

as reported from Abidjan, Pierre Pinto

It is the independent deputy and mayor of Tiassalé, Antoine Assalé Tiémoko, who revived the debate with a Facebook post entitled “the age of political pension”. In this short text, he says that “at the opening of the Riksdag meeting in April 2022” he will propose to restore the age limit for presidential candidates at 75 years.

“The deputies are in the majority who want this change”, assures RFI the elected representative of Tiassalé, who intends to put this project together with other independent parliamentarians but also from the majority and the opposition.

By announcing this more than seven months in advance, Antoine Assalé Tiémoko hopes that the debate will have time to introduce. It must be said that in order to restore the age limit, an amendment to the constitution voted by 2/3 of parliamentarians (deputies and senators) sitting in Congress is required.

For several months, it has at the top of the state considered setting a new ceiling age. But the issue is also divided within the parties. Opponents of the age limit believe that it is not the law to exclude personalities who have had the Ivorians’ votes in turn. The partisans believe that their forced retirement would provoke a necessary renewal of the political class.


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