salary increase for teachers, negotiations


The Congolese government confirms that the school year will begin on October 4. And to prevent it from being disturbed by strike movements, the authorities have started discussions with the teachers’ unions since the beginning of the week.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

First stage of negotiations ended Thursday in Kinshasa. Although much remains to be done from the point of view of teachers who always appeal for improvements in their socio-professional conditions, progress has been made.

The government has pledged to include the gradual retirement of teachers and administrative staff in next year’s budget. He also promised to pay end-of-career benefits to 1,342 retirees since 1984.

Salary increase As of this year, 20,000 Congolese francs ($ 10) will be added to teachers’ salaries and an additional $ 10 as a so-called “bush” bonus, exclusively for teachers working in rural areas.

These supplements will increase the average teacher salary to about $ 185 per month. According to the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the public sector, this is a gesture that proves the government’s “good faith”.

For their part, teachers are still waiting for the application of the second level of the gradual wage increase agreed with the government two years ago. This will be one of the hot topics for the Commission between the government and the unions that will be set up.

First salary increase in September 2019 had made it possible at that time to pass from 170,000 to 360,000 Congolese francs.


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