Somalia: cleansed from Ikran’s death, NISA acting director Yasin Farey joins politics


Somalia: cleansed from Ikran’s death, NISA acting director Yasin Farey joins politics

MOGADISHU, Somalia – After days of fighting against planning allegations of the disappearance and subsequent murder of Ikran Tahlil, the Acting National Intelligence and Security Agency [NISA] Director Yasin Farey has officially joined politics as he runs for a parliamentary seat in Galmadug state.

For months, Yasin Farey battled allegations about Ikran’s murder, along with three other people from the agency. Ikran Tahlil worked at the agency as the head of the cybercrime unit before his disappearance.

On Monday, Yasin Farey received a certificate for his participation in the upcoming lower house polls in Galmadug. His decision to join politics corroborates Garowe Online’s conclusion that a number of allies close to President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo will join the race.

Already, the Galmudug State indirect election team [SIET] awarded the certificate to Farey and six other candidates competing in the Lower House elections.

Yasin Farey was appointed to this post on October 23, 2021, following an agreement between outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble. The two fell out after the sacking of Fahad Yasin, the immediate former boss of NISA.

Fahad Yasin, a bureaucrat from Villa Somalia, was appointed Farmaajo’s national security adviser after leaving NISA at the expense of Prime Minister Roble. He is also expected to run for office this year.

However, Axadlecannot independently verify whether Farey had resigned as interim director of NISA, as required by Somali electoral law. Farmaajo is keen to defend its headquarters.

Farey will compete for HOP67, which has come under intense scrutiny in recent days. The former director of NISA, Brigadier. General Abdirahman Turyare, one of six candidates vying for the seat, said there was a plot in Villa Somalia to rig the elections on Farey’s behalf and warned of electoral interference.

The country is under pressure from the international community to organize indirect ballots in the lower house after months of delay. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is accused of orchestrating the delay in the country.

Over the weekend, the military court cleared Yasin Farey of the controversial Ikran Tahlil murder, arguing that there was insufficient evidence. The court blamed Al-Shabaab activists for the death.



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