Somalia, Kenya holds talks for the first time since the ICJ ruling


Mogadishu (HORN NOTE) – Somalia and Kenya have agreed to build on the Joint Commission for Cooperation following a meeting between Somalia’s Foreign Minister and International Cooperation Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamud and Kenyan Ambassador to Somalia Lucas Tumbo in Mogadishu.

Talks between officials from both sides come just two weeks after Kenya lost the ICJ’s maritime border dispute with neighboring Somalia.

In a statement, the Somali Foreign Ministry said that both officials agreed to work on the process of building on the Joint Commission for Cooperation, which the Somali Prime Minister and the President of Kenya agreed at their meeting in August.

“The Foreign Ministers of Somalia and Kenya agreed at their meeting in Mogadishu to accelerate the third session of the Joint Committee to move forward in areas of common interest, including trade, investment, security, defense, agriculture, tourism and human relations. “, the statement reads in part

October 12. A panel of fifteen judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rejected Kenya’s claim that there had been an agreed maritime border with Somalia and decided that the maritime border should run at the same distance or on a median line according to Somalia’s proposal.

The ICJ stated that, contrary to Kenya’s claims, there was never a formal agreement with Somalia regarding their maritime borders. In addition, Kenya did not consistently maintain its supposed border requirement.

Somalia took Kenya to the UN court in 2014 over disputed parts of the Indian Ocean that are believed to have rich natural oil and gas reserves after years of diplomatic efforts to resolve the dispute failed.

Regional blocs had previously won over Kenya and Somalia to resolve the conflict over out-of-court maritime borders to prevent diplomatic fallout that would affect peace and stability.

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