Somalia: new details on disappearance of NISA agent Ikran Tahlil


Somalia: new details on disappearance of NISA agent Ikran Tahlil

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The investigation into the circumstances leading to the disappearance of Ikran Tahlil may be at an impasse, The Dossier has established, in what could potentially weigh more heavily on outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, accused of “sabotage” by prosecutors .

The case established that the investigation into Ikran’s disappearance stalled after the national intelligence agency [NISA] blocked investigations into the case by military courts, a finding corroborated by two officials and a lawmaker.

To make it harder for military court prosecutors to follow up on the case, the intelligence agency said it has its own department that conducts investigations. Both the family and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble had preferred military prosecutors to the public inquiry.

The case was so thorny that it sparked sharp differences between Prime Minister Roble and President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, who was accused by the family of “sabotaging the investigations”. Some of the main suspects in the disappearance, including former NISA boss Fahad Yasin, are close associates of Farmaajo.

In fact, the agency released a statement two months after Ikran’s disappearance, claiming that she had been kidnapped and killed by al-Shabaab. However, activists rejected the allegations, noting that “we do not kidnap innocent people.”

According to two sources and the Ikran MP, NISA argued and told investigators that it would not allow an investigation from an external government body. Ikran lived near the NISA headquarters in Mogadishu. NISA said security camera footage on the day of the disappearance was not available.

Initially, footage obtained by Axadleshowed a vehicle with the agency’s registration numbers near the Ikran Gate. Two men were seen throwing her into the vehicle before leaving for an unknown destination.

According to The Dossier, investigators interviewed a cleaning lady, the owner and staff at a nearby hotel. But the investigation met with a roadblock when court officials attempted to question the suspects named in the family’s complaint. So far, investigators have not interviewed the suspects.

In response, the NISA said it had conducted its own internal investigation. According to sources, NISA handed the court a 38-page report that included interviews with the two suspects named in the family’s complaint. The NISA interviewed suspects without the investigator’s presence, indicating possible bias.

Despite the allegations, NISA has denied blocking the investigation. NISA also confirmed that video footage from the day Iran disappeared was not available, but gave a different explanation. He says the camera is not working properly. “It’s a work in progress,” said a senior intelligence officer.

Who is Ikran Tahlil?

Ikran Tahlil was born in Mandera, northeastern Kenya, formerly known as the Northern Frontier Districts [NFD] August 24, 1996. She completed her primary education in Mandera; attended Aga Khan High School in Nairobi; graduated from the International University of the United States [USIU] in Nairobi with a bachelor’s degree in international relations.

In 2017, Ikran landed a job at NISA and worked in the principal’s office. She held this position until October 2017, when she was promoted to Director of the Human Rights Compliance Division at NISA. She liaised with AMISOM and the British Embassy in Mogadishu on security sector capacity building, the Dossier established.

From October 2018 to July 2019, she worked for the late Mayor of Mogadishu, Engineer Abdirahman Omar Osman as Chief of Staff. Officials said the job was a secondment. When the mayor was killed, she returned to the agency. The mayor was killed in the Al-Shabaab attack.

In 2019, she attended the University of Nottingham in the UK where she obtained a certificate in International Human Rights Law. In 2020, she attended King’s College London, where she obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in International Affairs. NISA has confirmed that it pays course fees and living expenses while in the UK.

Some reports said his disappearance had something to do with information about missing Somali soldiers training in Eritrea. The government had initially remained silent on the soldiers despite complaints from their families, only to admit months later.

A report released by the United Nations special rapporteur in Eritrea confirmed that Somali soldiers training in Eritrea crossed over to Tigray with Eritrean troops, where they assisted the Ethiopian national defense forces. [ENDF] by fighting the two Tigray Defense Forces [TDF] and civilians.



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