Somalia’s arms embargo was extended by one year


On Monday, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution extending the arms embargo against the Somali regime by one year in the middle of the Horn of the African nation.

The Council, which voted 12-2 with Russia and China abstaining from Resolution 2607 (2021), also imposed other tough sanctions on Eritrea in 2009 for supplying weapons to al-Shabab rebels in Somalia and for refusing to resolve a border dispute. with Djibouti, a key US ally in the Horn of Africa. It lifted sanctions against Eritrea in November 2018.

It called on the Somali Federal Government to continue working with financial authorities, private financial institutions and the international community to crack down on al-Shabab’s ability to “generate revenue and launder, store and transfer resources” for use in terrorist and other activities.

The Council Resolution also expressed concern at “continued reports on corruption and diversion of public resources in Somalia.

The Council maintained the arms embargo against the sale or resale of arms and military equipment to Somali forces, a ban on the sale or supply to Somalia of components used to manufacture improvised explosive devices that al-Shabab is increasingly using, and a ban on the export of charcoal.

once a key money for the country.

The Council also expresses concern at al-Shabaab’s ability to exploit the sugar trade, which is part of the source of its economy.

It further notes that al-Shabaab continues to be the main culprit in the increasing recruitment of children and abductions.

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