the demonstration of Wakit Tama spread by the forces of


On Saturday, the opposition coalition and civil society Wakit Tama had planned to demonstrate to protest against the transitional authorities’ management of the country. But those gathered on the streets of Ndjamena were dispersed by security forces, and the coalition and authorities could not agree on the rally.

as reported from Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

Police prosecuted when the protesters, visible more than usual, tried to regroup themselves at the double-lane roundabout. This is Wakit Tama had booked time with their activists for this march that would go from the roundabout to the city stadium.

For the police, positioned since the day before in the area, the marchers had to follow the usual path steps, which go from the Hamama roundabout to the Palais du 15 January, a little east of the capital. An itinerary that Wakit Tama did not accept, and developed tactical arguments.

Police ran tear gas to disperse the crowd. Around the roundabout and in a circumference of about 500 meters, the air was breathless. In the concessions that in the alleys, the inhabitants tried to reduce the effect of the gas from tear gas containers by spraying themselves with water. The Transformers’ headquarters, where most of the marchers had taken refuge, received a tear gas rain.

On the other hand, the protesters also tried to harass the police who patrolled the streets and alleys around this roundabout in the seventh district of the capital.


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